Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pizza Man - Via Carlo del Prete

Pizza Man
Via Carlo del Prete, 10r
50127 Firenze
Tel. 055 433849

Prezzo: 20 Euro
2 Pizza Margherita
2 Coca-Cola in Lattina

ANNIE: 5.5/10
My first time in a Pizza Man was over three years ago. At that time, I believed it to be the best pizza in Florence. Pizza Man is great because it's cheap, and whether you're eating in or taking away - you're always offered a free appetizer, often with champagne! This was my first visit to the Via Carlo del Prete location, now one of seven. We were seated and immediately given a type of "coccoli" - a fried ball of dough with cheese - to start. It was cold and chewy, and not good - but this blog isn't about judging appetizers, so I will leave it at that. The pizza arrived barely covering the plate, a tad on the small side. The flavor was good enough, but really, it was just your average pizza - not what I'm used to from our Pizza Man Pasquale Pometto. Was it because in these three years I've been able to sample from many a pizzeria in Florence, and Pizza Man just can't hold its own amongst the competition? Or, maybe its just this location that's not so good...Sadly, I fear the real reason is what we Americans have experienced too many times: once a restaurant becomes a "chain," the quality of the food goes downhill fast.

FABIO: 6.5/10
Pizza Man, il cui nome sembra di quelli da pizza da asporto, ha invece il merito di aver dimostrato a Firenze che la gente vuole pizze fatte meglio di quelli obbrobri bassi e di poca qualità. Ha avuto molto successo, ma aprendo così tanti locali sembra aver perso qualcosa. Pizza un pò oliosa, pasta un pò gommosa, pomodoro e mozzarella buoni ma non ottimi, insomma, rimane un pò nella normalità; forse il voto è peggiore per il ricordo del Pizza Man dei vecchi tempi.

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