Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Danny Rock

""""""Danny Rock
Via Pandolfini, 13r
50122 Firenze
Tel. 055 2340307

Prezzo: Groupon 1 Euro/Pizza + 10 Euro Bibite/Coperto
1 Pizza Wurstel
1 Pizza Quattro Stagioni
2 Coca-Cola in Lattina

ANNIE: 4/10 Seeing as how Danny Rock is supposed to be an American diner of sorts, I opted for a pizza topped with hotdog slices, since hotdogs and hamburgers are all we Americans eat anyway, right? I didn't know if I should expect an Americanized pizza or an Italian one, but I was fairly sure it wasn't going to be any good, and this was based on a whoops-that's-not-cheese-but-a-gigantic-glob-of-mayonnaise hamburger experience I suffered a few years back at Danny Rock, same night Obama became president as a matter of fact. The crust was thin and frozen-pizzaish, and the hotdog was your normal dog. The cheese didn't taste like a topnotch mozzarella, but there aren't many pizzerias that use it anyway, so I would have been surprised... It's below average pizza (American or otherwise), but it's edible. Note: coperto is a rather ridiculous 2.50 euro/head!

FABIO: 4/10
Se non avessi trovato un coupon a 1 euro per una pizza non ci sarei neanche andato, e devo dire che non avrei perso niente. Ero sicuro che l'avrei subito eletta peggior pizza di Firenze, ma non è stato così, ha una sua dignità. Certo, gli ingredienti non sono buoni, il pomodoro in eccesso l'ho dovuto spostare con la forchetta perchè mi nauseava, la mozzarella era insapore, i funghi crudi, la crosta sembrava più una piadina, però sono riuscito a finirla senza sforzi. Quindi ha il merito di non essere peggiore di certe pizze di locali che si definiscono pizzerie. Detto questo, stretta di mano e addio.


AuntyMia said...

We are from an Italian family living in Australia....and you have both proved to me what I have been preaching to others here - that the pizza in Italy isn't necessarily better than that in Australia. I have travelled to Italy over 10 times, staying in Rome, Bologna, Florence, Sienna, Sicily and more. And although I found a couple of nice places that do pizza fabulous, most weren't that great!! Our Nonna's/Nonno's pizza is the best going around!! Woodfired and all!!
Your blog is very interesting - keep up the good work!! I will note some of the better places for our next trip over!

Appuntamento Pizza said...

ANNIE: Thanks for your comment, AuntyMia, and for reading our Florentine blog all the way from Australia! We sure appreciate it. It's true that Italy has its fair share of shockingly disgusting pizzerias...but when a pizza is good here, it is REALLY GOOD. And if only for the sake of our blog, I can say we're happy for both ends of the spectrum. Happy pizza-eating to you and your family!