Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Le Panche

""""""Le Panche
Via Giulio Caccini, 13b
50141 Firenze
Tel. 055 431922

Prezzo: Groupon 24 Euro
1 Pizza Porcini
1 Pizza Bella Napoli
2 Coca-Cola alla Spina

ANNIE: 7.5/10
The orange and beige color scheme and the long communal tables (hence the name Le Panche, which translates The Benches) remind me of a school cafeteria, but the food is about, oh, a thousand times better. Fabio and I split our two pizzas and after gorging ourselves on the first, I didn't have room for more than two bites of the second! The porcini just couldn't have been more perfect. They were so delicious that they overshadowed the other ingredients which could have been picked from the trash and I wouldn't have cared. The crust was super thin and crunchy, a good combo with mushrooms! The Bella Napoli, on the other hand, had double the crust, which this time proved to be a tad too much. The mozzarella (bufala) was great, but they were too generous with the sauce for my taste. Quality ingredients, exceptional porcini, dreading-the-bell-that-sends-me-back-to-class atmosphere.

FABIO: 6/10
Il posto è accogliente, senza tavoli singoli, ma tavolate lunghe tipo sagra, le famose panche! Ma si è mai trovata una pizza buona a una sagra? No. La pizza è bassa, ingredienti appena sufficienti, la mozzarella meglio del pomodoro che stucca un pò, insomma niente di speciale, ma neanche cattiva. Visto il clima da sagra, l'ho presa con i porcini e devo dire che erano buoni, poi uno va sul sicuro perchè c'è Careggi a due passi.

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