Tuesday, January 1, 2013

La Divina Pizza

""""""La Divina Pizza
Via Borgo Allegri, 50r
50122 Firenze
Tel. 055 2347498

Prezzo: 16 Euro
2 Pizza Margherita
2 Coca-Cola in Lattina

ANNIE: 5/10
La Divina Pizza brags about their stone-ground flour and natural yeast, that it makes for better and more comfortable digestion (a bodily function, you'll learn, that Italians are all-too-eager to chat about). My boss brags about them as well. She gets their pre-made, but uncooked pizzas to eat at home. It's true that you can taste the difference in the ingredients: the crust was light, crunchy and the flavor not unlike cardboard. The layer of cheese with little brown bubbles begged me to ask Fabio if we weren't really at Pizza Hut (but I think I prefer the greasy cheese of Pizza Hut to this lame excuse for mozzarella!). I admit that the beginning stages of digestion seemed to start on a good note. I finished my entire pizza without feeling like I was stuffing myself to the brim. I didn't have the unsettling nausea I often have after eating pizza. I didn't wake in the middle of the night with a diabetic thirst...but that was because I WAS ALREADY AWAKE! I was awake the whole night with lightning strikes of stomach pangs, and when I wasn't awake, I was having the most disturbing and vividly graphic of nightmares. Of course I'm not attempting to blame the pizza, I'm certain it was only a coincidence, as I've heard great reviews about this place, and not just from my boss. However, that doesn't erase the experience my friend had of excruciating post-Divina bloating, her stomach an overblown balloon yearning for short bursts of noisy release, or better, a loud, airborne zip around the room to completely deflate. I'm sure I'm not speaking just for myself when I say, La Divina Pizza did not make me feel ANYTHING like a goddess as I squirmed on my bed during the wee hours of the morn.

FABIO: 5/10
Hai voglia a puntare tutto sul fatto che qui la pasta è facilmente digeribile, ma anche il sapore vuole la sua parte! In effetti non lascia il senso di pesantezza di altre pizze, però la crosta risulta un pò secca e di un sapore per me non adatto. Il vero problema però sono gli altri ingredienti: la mozzarella proprio non mi è piaciuta, già dal colore, e il pomodoro rimane in secondo piano. Va a finire che per evitare il problema della digeribilità fanno passare la voglia di pizza!

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