Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lupin Bistrot

""""""Lupin Bistrot
Via Circondaria, 36r
50127 Firenze
Tel. 055 3247046

Prezzo: Groupon 14 Euro
2 Pizza Porcini
2 Coca-Cola in Lattina

ANNIE: 7/10
With his sleek black hair and ladies' man stance, Lupin looks, to me, like he belongs in an Archie comic as one of Veronica's bad-boy crushes. Instead, he's the main character in a Japanese manga series that has been popular in Italy (and I'm guessing elsewhere) for decades. Anyhoo, his image decorates the walls of this rather large pizzeria, which is, apparently, often crowded. It doesn't happen much that we're surprised with a good-looking, good-tasting pizza. If a pizza place is good, it has that reputation, and that reputation gets around. But, we hadn't heard much about Lupin Bistrot, and then finding a coupon for it didn't raise our hopes any that it would be much to talk about. On the contrary, the pizzas were both beautiful and tasty! My crust was burnt in some parts, but the porcini were flavorful and soft, and the mozzarella and tomato sauce were distributed in fair amounts. It's a pizza that you have to eat fast; it gets gross as it cools (and it tends to cool quicker when the workers leave the backdoor open while they're smoking!). DO NOT, under any circumstances, get the creme caramel for dessert.

FABIO: 5.5/10
È emozionante entrare in questo locale e trovarsi una gigantografia del faccione di Lupin...a parte questo la pizza è bassa, ingredienti appena sufficienti; il risultato non è che sia un granchè, mi è sembrata anche carente di sale. Il pomodoro e la mozzarella non hanno un sapore di prima qualità. Invece i porcini sono sopra la media delle altre pizzerie di questo livello. Insomma, a parte Lupin, niente di nuovo.

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