Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fratelli La Bufala

""""""Fratelli La Bufala
Via dei Neri, 76r
50122 Firenze
Tel. 055 9063912

Prezzo: 23 Euro
2 Pizza Margherita
2 Coca-Cola alla Spina

ANNIE: 4/10
Not a necessarily good-looking pizza (note the strips of mozzarella), and certainly not a good-tasting one either. The only good part was the mozzarella, and it was a bit...dense. The crust looked like it was going to be good, but, instead, was burnt in some areas while, underneath the toppings, was undercooked and even slimy. And the tomato sauce...I'm sure this wasn't the case (as he wasn't even smoking), but the flavor made me think the pizzaiolo's cigarette ashes had fallen on my pizza during its preparation! Maybe there was something horribly wrong with the basil leaf, but whatever it was, my pizza tasted like the cloud that hovers over a rock concert.

FABIO: 6/10
Non male, non bene, non caro, non economico. Si rimane così a galleggiare...anche perchè la pizza si presenta bene, alla napoletana maniera, per cui al primo boccone uno rimane deluso ma spera che dal secondo inizi il godimento. Ma non arriva. Cosa dire, una sufficienza.

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