Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Re Matto

""""""Re Matto
Viale dei Mille, 152
50131 Firenze
Tel. 055 583851

Prezzo: 22 Euro
2 Pizza Margherita
2 Coca-Cola in Lattina

ANNIE: 5/10
With happy thoughts (and hummings) of Marco Mengoni, I entered Re Matto hungry for a pizza fit for a king! And if you like to dine on pizzas similar to those found at Antica Pizzeria Nuti (which scored 1.5/10 pizzas for me) or Antica Porta (3/10 pizzas), you would have been most satisfied with the pizza (of, I think, the same category but of higher quality) placed before you by the staff that treats you - in an almost embarrassing way - like you're somebody important. The crust was extremely thin and crunchy and would have been perfect, had there not been the burnt spots every now and again. What put this pizza in the same line-up as those mentioned above was, in addition to the thin crust, the fluidity between the tomato sauce and the cheese; I couldn't tell where one ended and the other began. I prefer a pizza with a distinct division between the two. Not only does a mix of this kind look unappetizing, but it seems to dissolve any sort of flavor the two ingredients once had. Eating at Re Matto was perfunctory, joyless. If I were king, and this were the best pizza I could get, I'm sure I would go mad.

FABIO: 4/10
E' una pizza strana, non ha sapore: eppure non avevo il raffreddore, ma proprio non riuscivo a sentire niente, come se fosse stata un pò di pasta per la pizza scondita. Ma la pasta era così bassa che non si sentiva neanche quella! Non saprei quindi giudicare nè mozzarella nè pomodoro, mischiati anche nel colore, come in una pellicola. Almeno non c'èra un sapore cattivo, però... Continuo a meravigliarmi di questo strano fenomeno.

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