Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Affe' di Bacco

""""""Affe' di Bacco
Via di Rusciano, 16r
50126 Firenze
Tel. 055 6810109

Prezzo: 19.80 Euro
2 Pizza Margherita
2 Coca-Cola in Lattina

ANNIE: 2/10
Affe' di Bacco is a cute place with friendly staff, but terrible pizza. Maybe we caught them on an off-day; I would be willing to give them a do-over. As we were leaving, a waiter asked me if everything was ok with my pizza - as I had left almost half of it on the plate. He was so concerned and nice about it, I felt guilty saying I was "just full" and wanted to go back and quickly stuff the rest of it in my mouth. On second thought, though, there was a reason why I had left it on the plate in the first place: It was just plain disgusting, and I knew it was going to be when it was put in front of me. The crust was thin and would have been good and crunchy, had it been fully cooked. It was rather doughy, though, and the flavor/texture of the rest of the ingredients didn't make things any better...I did, however, enjoy the crunchy appetizer...Just the fact that the waiter was so surprised that I hadn't finished my pizza (because, I guess, EVERYONE finishes their pizza when they eat at Affe' di Bacco), makes me think that maybe the pizza is usually pretty good there. But, maybe their friendliness just won me over.

FABIO: 4/10
Sarà che si ritornava a mangiare la pizza dopo un mese di ferie dalle pizzerie. Sarà che avevo proprio voglia di mangiare una buona pizza dopo aver mangiato all'estero. Sarà che ho trovato parcheggio proprio davanti, ma la pizza di Affè di Bacco è veramente mediocre! La pasta sembrava poco cotta, ma non poteva essere una caso visto che lo era anche quella di Annie. La mozzarella sembrava una big babol. Via, facciamo che si rinizia con le pizzerie dalla prossima volta.

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