Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Re Joy

""""""Re Joy
Viale Morgagni, 12a
50134 Firenze
Tel. 055 419645

Prezzo: Groupon 19 Euro
1 Pizza Boscaiolo
1 Pizza Profumo di Bosco
1 Calzone Farcito
2 Coca-Cola dalla Spina

ANNIE: 3.5/10
I believe it was our elite status as Grouponers combined with the poor service at Re Joy that made our nearly 3-hour pizzeria spectacle possible. We were seated in a hidden corner and told that some crostini would arrive shortly. A good half-hour later, the host returned, saying we could choose from any of the pizzas for our "all you can eat" deal, except for the pies with seafood. That was fine, I don't like that junk on my pizza even if it's free. Our assorted crostini with mushrooms, tomatoes, and the odd ground beef came after another 20 minutes, and at that point, we took the opportunity to order. The waitress explained that Fabio's 'Smells of the Woods' pizza would come with bits of tartufo and porcini, but that they didn't have any asparagus. Well, ok, you don't normally find asparagus growing wild in the forest anyway. I decided to go with the Boscaiolo: porcini, sausage, olives and oregano. At least an hour later, our pizzas came, and mine had apparently lost its porcini on its way from the kitchen. I was super disappointed until Fabio gave me a few of his; it only took a few seconds to understand why he was so generous: DISGUSTING! The pizzas had thin crusts, which I can't complain too much about. The tomato sauce was good, but the mozzarella was certainly below average. We wanted to clean our plates so that we could get more pizza for our money, but I was doing good to stuff 3/4 of mine down. I was ready to leave, but Fabio wanted to try a special kind of margherita. This time he actually had to get up and search for a waiter. We learned the pizzeria was now out of mozzarella di bufala. Laughably ridiculous (...and I almost forgot to mention that not once, but twice, they brought other people's pizzas to our table)! So, Fabio ate a calzone instead, while I watched on with thirst because, unfortunately, it wasn't an 'all you can drink' deal.

FABIO: 4/10
L'unica parte positiva è il pomodoro, ha un buon sapore: la mozzarella non sa di mozzarella ed è dura, gommosa, mi sono ritrovato a scansarla come fosse un ingrediente di troppo, come se scartandola si potesse migliorare il resto. La crosta è anonima, non dà soddisfazione. Se non fosse per il servizio lentissimo consiglierei di ordinare una pasta al pomodoro veloce, ma visto l'attesa meglio farsela a casa.

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