Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Via della Mattonaia, 51r
50121 Firenze
Tel. 055 2342401

Prezzo: 20 Euro
2 Pizza Margherita
2 Coca-Cola in Lattina

ANNIE: 7/10
Our search for the best pizza in Florence has been so crammed with setbacks that I rarely enter a pizzeria with anything but negative expectations. But maybe that's what made this find all the sweeter. Amalfitana is a small and cold (I had to eat with my coat on) pizzeria where we had to wait over 10 minutes to order, even though we were one of only four couples. The choices of pizzas left me wanting, so I went with the default Margherita. When the pizzas came to the table, my attitude had a makeover, and a surprised and positive Hmmm escaped because those pizzas weren't looking too bad! The crust was thick and unburnt; the tomato sauce was super red (usually meaning it originated from a can or jar), but it tasted good; and even though the mozzarella didn't seem of very high quality...all together it made for a good mix! Yes, I would have preferred a little less sauce and bigger clumps of better cheese, but I would say we were definitely on the right track.

FABIO: 7/10
Qui la pizza ha tutto per non essere buona, ma non ci riesce: Amalfi non è Napoli, il pomodoro è troppo rosso, la mozzarella non è a pezzi grossi, che fanno immaginare una parte dell'intero, e la crosta ha un colore gommoso. Poi, quando si assaggia, si scopre un sapore buono e delicato, il pomodoro non ha un sapore forte, la crosta ha una sua dignità; forse la mozzarella, pur non essendo cattiva, non eccelle. Sublime se paragonata alla pizzeria La Vera Napoli qui a Firenze, discreta se ci si riferisce a una vera pizza fatta a Napoli.

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